New Album: Bittersweet

Bittersweet bittersweet

~ Lyrics ~
All lyrics ©2013 La Bête Magique

Turn on the TV but nothin' good is on
Where have all the great actors gone?
People listen to these prophecies
But they're all just empty words to me.

I try to read a book, but it's just the same old story
Princess and knight falling in love,
you know what comes next
Just another happy ending
Oh bittersweet

Why do we say the things we say?
Why do these thoughts get stuck in my head?
It feels like just another nightmare following me to bed
They say change is coming, but it feels just like a dream
Maybe it's just me wishing for paradise
But to me the world seems bittersweet.


Rounding the corner on the first block
Just three more miles to walk
Life is like a bubble, just waiting to pop
Trying and trying to float up to the top

Oh bittersweet.
Blind to Me
I know who you are
When you say just leave
I know what you want
When you say don’t you see
It’s a melody ringing in your ears
Stronger than a heartbeat, stronger than your fears
Oh I can see it in your eyes
But you can’t find it in yourself
Because you are blind to me.

Blind to me, blind to me, blind to me…

It’s a heartbreak that I’ll never take
Besides it was never really love in the first place
And I will not be shy, with something that feels like pride
But I can’t hide that little loneliness inside.


I wish I could fall into a sleep
And dream a dream with everything I wanted to believe
I could wake up every morning, watch the glimmer
As the sun touches the water with its golden fingertips

Or I could reach out for the stars
not afraid to get burned
But I know when I wake up
I will not have to pretend anymore
Gotta wake up some day, dreamer, dreamer
Gotta wake up some day, dreamer

Moon beams make a mirror for me
to see who I want to be
If it’s worth it to believe in reality
Or if we should just fall asleep
and live inside our dreams


I wish I could fall into a sleep
And dream a dream with everything I wanted to believe
I could wake up every morning, watch the glimmer
As the sun water touches the water with its golden fingertips.
Flowers You Sent Me
I was lying down under the full moon
Watching the stars and how they shine for you
I was at my window when the winds blow
Feel like eyes are watching me
But when I look, all that I see
Are those flowers you sent me.

There’s an open door waiting for me to run through.
When I get to the end, I know I will see you.
I’m racing to the finish line
But it makes me wonder why
I’m holding those flowers you sent me.

The clouds are covering the sky
But the birds are still singing their hearts out
Love is something hard to find, but when you find it
It makes you want to shout!


Long day and I come home
Hear the hum of my cell phone
Reminding me it’s past 1:30
Turn the water on high
Wait till the bubbles reach the sky
Then sink down, one heartbeat one sound.

But no rich taste of chocolate
No bath by candlelight
No gold or silver can make me forget
The loneliness inside, inside, inside.

Feel like I’m upside down
My heavy heart buried in the ground
When will it be the day that I sprout wings
Yeah, the money don’t help and I don’t care
A smile is the only thing I buy to wear
Is it just me or are the sands shifting?

Move On

Soaring high above all of the fear
Taking flight trying to hold back the tears
You know it will get better farther on
But you can’t help feeling like part of you is gone

And you never took a leap without looking
at what was right in front of you
And you never tried to push on past that wall
And you let them tell you what to do
You just let yourself fall…
Now it’s time to move on, time to move on.

Holding back and never letting go
Too scared to lose something that was never there
Feels like when you’re sad, life goes so slow
And even though life is short, you forget to care

Nothing But It All

Wasting time, following the white lines,
Hoping they will take me home
Don’t know where I’ll go
Just following the river flow, hoping life will tell me
What I need to know

Catching fireflies in a jar
Smiling like the sunlight even when it’ dark
Make a wish on a shooting start
Never knowin’ if I’ll ever go far
But nobody knows the happiness in my heart
How laughing or crying for nothing at all
Cause it’s never to late to give it a shot
So take a chance and dance with what you’ve got.

Soaring sparrow, winds brushing against the sky
Sad to think so a free bird could be fighting for his life
There is no good that comes without a bad
That’s why you treasure the happy moments
And try to smile at the sad.


And you may think that I will just fall
But you don’t understand I’ve got nothing but it all

One Way Street

Staring down at the empty words on my page
How can I concentrate when my mind is flying away
Counting up the numbers, but what if I don’t like what I get?
I know I’ve had my share of luck, but this don’t seem over yet

And I know it ain’t
Right but I’m on my way
Yeah I can’t turn back
Gotta keep both eyes on the track
Can’t sleep, can’t breathe
Cuz the road I’m taking
Well…it’s a one-way street

Tapping my foot, tryin’ to stay awake
Eyes on the clock waiting for the bell so I can fly away
If I just wait around, I’ll never leave the ground
I’m not going to wait for you to sweep me off my feet, no way.


Taking me apart, piece by piece
Waking up from this sleepless dream
A girl in a painting, hangin’ on the wall
It’s like she’s looking right through me
Waiting to answer her call.

I can’t breathe when she looks right through me.
It’s like we’re one, not apart.
But I can see
The difference between me and her ice cold heart, ice cold heart.

All alone in the dark, she’s my company
It’s like I’m lookin’ in the mirror
But she’s the only one I see, oh

When I Get Older
Why did the morning have to crawl in through my window
And tiptoe on my lashes while I was sleepin’ in?
The birds were in song and all day, all day long,
I’ll have to stand up to the fact that I’ll be wondering again…

Some day I’ll wanna go some place
and make something magical happen
Have an adventure or do something special
Have a story worth telling for when I get older

Takin’ a walk with the early morning sun
Feelin’ like the only living someone
Warm inside, though I feel the winter breezes
Every cloud in the sky is something I got but never needed.


Trapped in these white walls stuck in time
Why is the present the one thing that I can’t find
String of white shells shining like diamonds
I cherish the simple things in life but…

When Will It Fall?
When the candle flickers out
When you’re too scared to shout
When the dawn is breaking
And it’s breath-taking
The heavenly shades about
When the light is fading fast
And the time has gone long past
And the dove is gliding
Holding ribbons of sky
When will she be free at last?

There is peace between the kingdoms
Yes, there is love among us all
But we’re still stuck in a cage
Of fiery red rage that’s going to consume us all

The stars are guiding our way,
And the moon is leaving light in our tracks
When we see the light of day
We’ll realize that we’re home, that we’re back
The dawning of a new day is a blessing
Sunbeams dancing high above the clouds
Open hands, open hearts,
happy people from the start, starting now


Yes, there is peace between the kingdoms
There is love among us all
But we’re still stuck in a cage
Of fiery red rage and we know change is coming
but when will it fall…upon us all?
White Light

Evergreens waiting, watching carefully
Morning light reaching through the cracks of early mist
Like sap seeping from the maple tree.
Dawn is slowly waking
And all the warmth is slowly breaking
Through the mirror of the silver winter
Sound and sight of only white
Have been clothed in green
No skies of gray, a sunny day.
Light spring rain, I look upon this golden scene.
And though I feel like letting go, and being free
I sense as if winter’s velvet eyes are still watching me
Waiting ever so quietly, waiting for its time to see
Waiting for its time to be, its white light.

Robin calling songs of sorrow
For the lost ones. Yet beauty in the forest has awoken.
The empty ones hearing sounds of laughter
And though the ones beneath of us have gone long after
They still listen to the calling of the wind
As into dust they fall.

Joy is lifting through the air.
As change is budding everywhere.
Calling to the closing minds.
Calling, trying to help them find the spirit of the lost ones deep inside them.
Connecting to everything
Connecting to all
Returns the robin’s call as into dust they fall

White light
Tehila and Bella at a Show Members

Bella Mead, lyricist & vocals:
12 years old, attends Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC

Tehila Rosenblatt-Farrell, composer & guitar:
14 years old, attends Riverside High School in Durham, NC

Band History

La Bête Magique was formed on Ocracoke Island in July 2011. Their first performance was at the Ocracoke Coffee House, where the band quickly became legend for their lucrative busking.

During the 2011-2012 school year, Tehila’s 8th grade research project focused on music industry and promotion. The band recorded and released an EP titled “Take Five,” since each of the five tracks was completed in a single take. In promoting the EP, La Bête Magique had numerous performances at highly-regarded venues, including: the Nasher Museum; the Pinhook; the Casbah; Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival; the Strawberry Festival (with more than 3000 in attendance); and, to the band’s delight, the Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day.

In June 2012, the band recorded a full-length CD with twelve tracks at Arbor Ridge Studios under the guidance of founder, Jeff Crawford. This CD is set to be released on February 3, 2013 with a show at the Casbah, in Durham, NC.

Musical Style

All original songs, acoustic and electric, ranging from dreamy to energetic. Influences are very diverse, but include Kate Bush and The White Stripes.